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Trees are important to the environment, health and quality of life in our City.

mailing list iconOne Million Trees Mississauga was launched to help conserve and enhance the City’s open spaces and forested areas for future generations to enjoy. Trees will be planted by City staff, partners and volunteers on public and private property. Residents who plant a tree on their private residential property can add it to our tree planting total and have it count towards our One Million Trees goal.

In Mississauga, there are 2.1 million trees on both public and private lands. Help us add one million more by 2032.

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    who should participate?
    Everyone! Residents, businesses, schools, homeowners and community groups can all help us plant trees and reach our goal!
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    how do I participate?

    Join an event today – and bring your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers along! View the events listing section to find an upcoming event in your area.

    Don't see an event in your neighbourhood? Contact us today to set up a planting event.

    Visit the planting programs section to learn about opportunities for planting on public and private land.

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    what counts?

    All trees planted in the City of Mississauga count towards our One Million Trees Mississauga goal!

    This includes trees you plant on your property.  Simply click on Count my trees to enter your tree data.

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    what should I plant?

    We encourage the planting of native species, which are available at nurseries across Mississauga. Click here to learn more about recommended species and planting tips.

You are one in a million! Thank you for helping us plant one million trees in Mississauga. We couldn’t do this without you.

Mississauga offers a variety of tree planting programs. Click on the program you are interested in and sign up!

Large Organization

    Small Organization




            Do you want to plant some trees on your property, but you aren’t sure where to start? We have information that will help you get started.

            Thank-you to the organizations and conservation authorities who provided the information. Please note that many of the links below will take you to external websites not hosted by the City of Mississauga.

            Planning for planting

            Ideas and advice to help you plan your garden and ensure your project is a success!

            Choosing a species to plant

            Choosing the right plants is the key to successful planting! We recommend choosing native plants that will require low maintenance and will support the local wildlife. It is best to avoid invasive species.

            Tree Planting and Care

            For more information Call 311 or 905-615-4311 if outside city limits.
            Or request information online.
            Donate Donate to keep Mississauga’s Urban Forest growing!